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Improve your services and reduce variation through a structured collaborative approach.

Julia is an advocate of the IHI Breakthrough Series, which is a collaborative model for achieving breakthrough improvement. Quality improvement is at the heart of this approach. The collaborative methodology is usually, but not always, applied to a clinical area which requires improvement over a period of 6–15 months. During this time numerous teams make improvements using taught quality improvement tools, techniques and methodologies, periodically coming together to learn, share experiences, and discuss progress.

Julia’s experience

Julia was first introduced to the collaborative methodology in 2004. Since then she has led or supported over ten collaborative programmes.

Because of Julia’s experience in delivering collaboratives she knows when this methodology is best applied, how to mobilise and deliver a collaborative from start to finish, and what the critical success factors are, all of which support those involved achieve their goals and aspirations.

Julia’s support offer

Julia can support you in the following ways:

  • Work with you to design the right collaborative approach to meet your needs
  • Lead your collaborative from beginning to end, organising and delivering workshops and events, as well as providing team specific support

Julia can deliver collaboratives face-to-face or virtually.
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The Academic Health Science Network for the North East and North Cumbria contracted Julia to co-ordinate a regional collaborative project to reduce pressure ulcers, spanning 13 teams in five organisations. Julia came in halfway through the project, working alongside colleagues from Northern Ireland. This project was very successful, and overall a 36% reduction in pressure ulcers was achieved regionally. Due to the success of the project we asked Julia to scale up the project to 26 teams across 10 organisations, and Julia once again demonstrated her ability to work collaboratively with colleagues from Northern Ireland to deliver interactive and engaging quality improvement sessions, working effectively with the teams and responding to their intricacies, providing helpful solutions and support, as well as organising and delivering outstanding events. The second year of the project was also a success, further reducing 33% of the pressure ulcers regionally. Furthermore, over the two years of the project, a conservative estimate is that this work saved the NHS £513,000, and demonstrated a reduction in hospital bed days (between 220 and 352). Julia’s work contributed to the wider NHS community through a publication in the British Medical Journal Open Quality. I cannot recommend Julia enough. Julia is very professional, organised, and has high expertise in quality improvement methodologies and the ability to target it to the audience, and she is fantastic at working collaboratively.

Andreia Cavaco
Patient Safety Collaboration and Quality Improvement Programme and Communications Manager
Academic Health Science Network for North East and North Cumbria

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