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Applying ‘Joy in Work’ approaches can help staff be happier and more engaged.

Applying ‘Joy in Work’ approaches can help you and the staff within your organisation or team be happier at work and more engaged, resulting in better health and wellbeing.

Did you know that staff happiness and organisational success are inextricably linked (Health Service Journal)?

Also, there is now an overwhelming body of evidence to show that engaged staff demonstrate increased empathy and compassion. Moreover, engaged staff deliver better healthcare, resulting in lower levels of patient mortality and patient satisfaction (The King’s Fund).

In addition, numerous studies show positive links between the health and wellbeing of employees and their productivity and performance (Chartered Management Institute).

The term ‘Joy in Work’ is not liked by everyone (and you can always change the name), but the quality improvement tools, techniques and methodologies which underpin this approach are practical and easy to understand.

Julia’s experience

Julia has been trained by the IHI in their Framework for improving Joy in Work, and is an advocate of the 15 seconds 30 minutes methodology.

She has run numerous workshops on Joy in Work and has presented at two conferences on this topic.

She also co-founded and oversees the Q CommunityImproving Joy in Work’ Special Interest Group, which has 350 members.

Julia’s support offer

Julia can support you in the following ways:

  • Provide training and/or coaching in Joy in Work, tailored to meet your needs (including train the trainer)
  • Use Joy in Work approaches to identify what works well and areas for improvement
  • Support your organisation or team make positive changes using quality improvement tools, techniques and methodologies
  • Deliver a combination of training, coaching, and hands-on support.

Julia can deliver Joy in Work training, coaching, and hands-on support either face-to-face or virtually.

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I would like to share a note to praise the great work that Julia has done and continues to do through Joy in Work. Julia has developed great knowledge and skill around the use of the tools and techniques that underpin the Joy in Work philosophy. Julia has taken much time perfecting and reflecting on the use of these tools to ensure she can share them with teams and individuals so that they can use them easily and achieve great outcomes without it being seen as more work and an extra burden. I believe in light of the ongoing improvement work within the NHS and the continual need to change and innovate, using her quality improvement knowledge, coupled with the Joy in Work methodology, Julia could support sustainable change that could only enhance and support people’s working lives. This is certainly a method we intend to look to develop in our improvement work at Shrewsbury and will be linking in with Julia.

Dr Susy Cook
Deputy Improvement Director
Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust

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